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Why life? Why existence?

Life; Existence's one and only 'means' to originate 'knowing' beings: 

Who and what is man? Why he is here in life? Is the story of Science, that universe and life are chance occurrences, an altogether 'physical' phenomenon, is convincing to our Reason? Is there 'sense' in life and existence?     

To answer the above questions, the inquiry must start from 'who' is the one that raises the question. Who are we? What gives us our sense of 'self', and what makes us ask this question?   

What we first take up would be, how, and on what ground man feels his independent 'sense' of 'self'? 

Had he any role in his 'chance' emergence in life as a self-conscious entity? He just 'happened' to born into life, without playing any role in it. So, his sense of being an 'independent' self is fundamentally 'irrational' in human terms of logic, as it doesn't have any ground! Noone's life belongs to him, be it the life of a man, an animal or a plant. We all were forced to 'own' our life on account of the smart ploys Nature had played!

Let us attempt to go deep into the very difficult question of 'how man started developing his sense of self'?

A sensible theory is there, and love to share it with all enlightened minds! 

It is around the 'others' around us, who similarly feel the independence of their 'selves'! You are, hence I have to be also a similar 'self'. Wasn't it a very smart ploy of Nature or Existence to create the sense of 'self' in every living unit this way? By just making a man experiencing his sense of 'self' because of the similar 'owning ' of life by 'others' around him? 

Artificial intelligence now tries to create a sense of self in Androids. Following link says about their success. One Android was able to develop a 'consciousness' of herself! Means, sense of self is a 'synthetic' sense. It has nothing to do with any non-physical mystery. 

But the ploy used by Nature can't be called 'physical' in its science given meaning. We must find a new concept for such 'organizational' miracle or smartness of nature. Following blog-link will explain, how Nature or Existence was able to achieve this feat, by creating a sense-of-self in man, fundamentally working on its interpersonal dynamics:

Can we, or Science, explain the above feat of Nature in the physical term? 

The 'other' in the story need not be always some persons. It could be any impersonal 'collective' of them too. Yes, the notion of 'WORLD' we live with is really the WOMB from where 'selves' of man usually take birth and then use it as a 'space' for its existence. Following blog-link will explain this unheard fact elaborately:
This lack of any soul like 'essence' in its religious sense for human beings, at least in their normal walks of life, or at least at the present stage of their spiritual development, is evident from what we have seen about its quite 'empirical' origin. The sense of 'self' is a simple product of an interpersonal dynamics of the plans of Existence. 

Once we are convinced of the above, morality can have a new meaning. As Hindu scriptures say, death is of the body only. The soul never can be killed or harmed. That is perhaps, why millions of microbes, insects, animals and even men die in the world every moment of the day! Even when we breathe and walk, microbes die in the process. We cant prevent it. When Doctors give antibiotics to patients, it kills millions of disease-causing bacteria. Use of pesticides kills similarly millions of insects and their larva. Earth quacks, floods, and wars kill millions of men in the world. Man kills millions of chickens, goats, and other animals every day for meeting his food needs.

Every study reveals, even plants have life, and feels pain and anguish. Can we avoid the immorality of eating vegetables, use of antibiotics, and eating curd etc? Curd, as we know, contains millions of life-supportive bacteria. So, if God was a moral God, in the given human meaning of morals, He would have never allowed such a massive annihilation of life-units, that is, His own creation, even if what died was a 'false' sense of the 'selves' of these beings!  

So, death and harm, in nature's eyes, not a serious matter of moral or ethical violation. For Her, it has a different meaning that we do not yet know. Perhaps, she was the one responsible for giving life, and life, except the time-bound sense of 'ownership' given to all living beings by her, loss of life may not be a serious matter to her! Life, after all, is owned by her. We were fooled by her to believe, that we were the owners of it!

Units of life in the world simply experiencing only a synthetic 'sense' of life provided by her! So, their moral and ethics, imaginably less relevant to her, at least till these living units develop to a stage or a day when they will be able to share the sense of the 'miracle' of life with her, the way she looks at it! 

Now let us take up the sexual morality. We know, in Western countries, having sexual relationships outside the marriage is a common practice. It is considered an immoral act only when personal commitments are broken, that is, when two partners in an intense love relation, and if one breaks the TRUST, then the other partner feels pain. In conservative non-Western communities, such relations are mostly kept secret. Issues arise only when someone is caught in the act. People experience no sense of guilt for such relations if things remain secret forever! Having four wives at a time is allowed in Islam. So, morality in sexual relations is, like in animal kingdom, does not seem to break any natural moral-law!

This might perhaps be blasphemous to religious ears, and difficult to believe! For most religious societies, God is ultimately a moral God! Another dimension of the story, out of question! It might shake traditional belief and faith. It might even force Science to rethink their own prejudice about God of the Religions; she so far has been feeling comfortable, that such a moral, Almighty God is not their cup of tea. It might now force her to review her stand, and think further on the forces in Existence beyond her 'physical' dogmas!  

Next moral question is about the interpersonal acts of cheating and causing harm to others. We can observe a distinct factor here. One who keeps a certain sense of divinity about himself, or a sense of personal integrity and inner freedom within, will never attempt to harm others, physically or otherwise! The ones who were cheated in the past, their rights and sense of self-dignity violated and abused in the past, might have had lost their sense of morality, and might have had lost their reluctance to indulge in any such 'immoral' act. Such men always stand deprived of their sense of good and bad, whether society instilled or inherent, in their basic Nature.

Be it rape, corruption or stealing other's possessions, those who indulge in these anti-social activities have, at some point in their lives, might have had lost their sense of dignified self-hood. They have become like animals, exclusively living with their 'biological' instincts of self-survival. Love to share below a link, that explains TWO fundamental causes behind man's  adopting way of violence and rights abuse:

Now, what conclusion we should arrive at from what has been observed above? That killing, rape, stealing and sexual immorality is permitted in society and lives?

Here comes the fundamental, spiritual or metaphysical question of what life is? Why we are here in life, as individuals, and in communities? Is Nature a dead phenomenon, or is there a 'mind' with certain likes and dislikes, intentions etc behind Existence? With certain predilections or predispositions of her?

 Why we are here in life, as individuals, and in communities? 

There may or may not be other intelligent beings elsewhere in the universe. But it shouldn't alter our basic conviction that Existence of each person is simply unique and central. There is nothing to compare the unique 'fact' of our Existence! Emerged from nowhere, (we don't know from where!) having been able to 'sense' an 'own self' in the course of life!  We often are forced to adopt the versions of our existing age and its past, as to what is life! Like the language we have learned from our parents and from our schools, we have also learned certain pre-set 'images' of ourselves and certain behavior patterns. We use it to play our pre-set roles in life. One day death comes to take us away. We have blindly accepted this inevitability too, as per our pre-knowledge about this end, learned from our age's stories and myths, and also from that of our past generations.

But in between this role-play, at least for some of us, a burning awareness possess us, as to what is behind this 'role-play'? Who are we? What is existence? This burning awareness often leads us to realize the uniqueness of each life. A is A, and B is B. No two lives are alike and comparable. Individuals in their physical features, their circumstances of birth, circumstances of growing up, the company of others they get, education, relations, health, love, and finally death; each person maintains his uniqueness of entity and course of life!

Our science believes in 'objective' philosophy, that is, our wholesale identities have emerged from an objective universe as homogenous commodities. There exists, irrespective of all observers, an independent reality of the world. She had her own physical, or energy level compulsions for the evolvement of us, human beings, and a similar compulsion for the emergence of our intelligence. It is due to this intelligence that we have become able to gather all the biological and physical information about us, and about the universe.

But often our said intelligence refuse to accept the above view of Science, and what we know as 'physical', that is, an inorganic something. Can a typical physical universe ever produce  'intelligence' from blues! If that is possible by the 'inorganic' something, it can not be termed as something inorganic, dead and mindless matter, in it's popular, generally accepted meaning and sense!

These men with the above-narrated burning sense of 'self-awareness' often have an inner compulsion to doubt whatever is 'senseless' around them.The inner-compulsion they experience for 'sensible explanation' for everything is real, but it does not mean that fantastic stories similar to that of popular Science, or similar fantastic stories being taught by the various religions about the whole of existence etc should be blindly adopted/bought by them!

This hidden faculty of 'sense' is still not a fully known concept to man. Love to share with intelligent readers, as to what exactly is this hidden 'faculty of 'sense', and why it is a sign that Existence never wanted to conceal her secrets from man forever!

Kindly read with all seriousness, the contents of the following links: 

 ( this initial link has info about all other sub-links, and also on a book on the subject) 

My 'self' wouldn't have been known to me without your 'sense of self'. If one is born like Robinson Crusoe, without anyone around, still he would have other objects around him, from what he could realize his 'separateness' from others. A link that explains this unique plan of nature was already given above, that 

explains Nature's ploy, or well-thought-out organizational plan behind the emergence of 'selves' in life.

What is the above-observed facts' possible relation with our concept of morals? 

Remember, you and I stand blessed with a 'sense' detecting Faculty. So, we are capable of arriving at the final 'sense' of Nature's leaving man here in life, using our inherent such faculty, with all the above-observed features, that is, the uniqueness of each individual, with his unique 'relation' with Existence, ( he is not an 'object' of any sort in existence) the nature of his primary 'self' originated from 'others' around him, and it's being 'synthetic' in this meaning, and finally, the absence of any 'objective' reality in the universe.

The most central observation was the relevance of all realities remaining null and void in the absence of sensible perceivers. Nature, when she has been observed as the ultimate abode of all the intelligence and sense in existence as far we can conceive, must be extremely anxious to have 'intelligent' and sensible 'knowers', or perceivers also in existence, so that her own being or reality becomes 'real'! We have seen that nothing can be 'real' without some perceivers being there, before whom they appear real! This mutuality of observer and the observed is a 'new physics' of Existence.

Take the plain example of human 'love-partners' to easily grasp this very difficult existential theory. They were two independent, unrelated individuals until they become love partners. 

Let us leave here the physics or biology of why man and women, or two homosexuals fall in love. Once the event of falling in love takes place, it is some kind of 'blossoming' of own life for both partners! The chief reason is, one starts getting perceived by the other as the most central object in his/her or life thereafter! He was the same person before and after, but after the falling in love, the way the partners look at own selves and each other, undergo a very different chemistry! Mornings and evenings, flowers, season, the cry of birds etc appear to them as divine! They long for each other every moment of their wake life. The touch of the other becomes magical. Kisses, just divine!

All these might not be true with the modern, exclusively sex oriented love relation, wherein partners are in relation only to enjoy physical sex abundantly, without any trace of the above described 'love' angle. But, it is sure, in the first encounters between two mutually attracted persons, both will experience the above magical movements! 

What was the cause of such 'altering of the selves' in love entanglement? The different kind of 'perception' by the other changes the image about own-self. This is not an imaginary, highly speculative theory as far as the very metaphysics of existence is concerned. Existence, for her to be real, she needs intelligent knowing entities to perceive her in her wholesomeness!  

This might be an extreme opposite view to the 'objective' viewpoint of classical science. For her, as we know, attributing anything beyond 'physicality' to anything in existence is sheer blasphemy! This new proposition might take away the very ground of classical science, and also that of classical religions. Yes, mankind and her knowledge system badly need a revamp, and certain new dichotomies.

It is here that we will look at the 'moral and ethics' factors in life.  We see here a certain specific aim of Nature or Existence of life. It is all about causing the emergence of independent, knowing, intelligent entities! To achieve this end, she has schemed to keep every person in a unique set-up of life, in every respect. We have seen above, details of this uniqueness of each person and his/her life.  

For Existence, those men/women who have not established a very sensible, direct relation with her might be similar to inorganic matter for her, lifeless and relevance-less! For establishing such a very sensible relation, one has to transform himself into an enlightened entity, transcending himself/herself from his/her 'ego' level self-identity. Only at such transcended stage, that human entities become real living beings in her eyes, as she too attains her sense of BEING meaningfully revealed! Then only she achieves her existential goal!

Some plants and trees blossom only once in one or two decades. Similar might be nature's willingness to wait for ages and centuries for a few human being to turn enlightened, and then again after so many centuries, the entire human race becomes capable of transcending from their ego stage. Then perhaps, Nature might be wishing that the entire human society lives in a living relation with her, moment to moment!!

The ultimate onus of living his life fit the ways of Existence is entirely on the shoulders of individual himself. Society is not an objective reality. It has no independent existence or entity, except its mystery role like the role of the false sense of EGO for individuals. World notion or the 'collective' notion is, hence the exact replica of the false sense of the 'self' that man experience.( above given link to the blog on the 'WORLD' may be referred once again;
So the content of his 'consciousness', or the events in his/her life have no fixed pattern. Nature's exclusive goal is to evolve 'knowing', independent beings from this exercise. She never wanted to have 'robots' in life, but let the waiting be for many centuries and ages, but her insistence on independently emerged enlightened entities was final. 

Moral and ethics were not her 'primary' goal, but it is not that she never wanted men to evolve-out from moral-less animal stage. She seems to have set moral and ethical laws in a very different way. When man emerges as an independent entity, a fully enlightened knower who grasp his/her integral tie with existence, transcended from his synthetic 'sense' of ego-self, feels an inner compulsion to be moral and ethical! The primary and exclusive condition for the evolvement of this moral and ethical man is, that he remains absolutely free, liberated and independent, free of all controls over his 'self' by any external social or political institution or agency!

In other words, when man is free in every respect, a free spiritual being, he will be under severe compulsion to observe moral and ethical principles; as outlined in the following blog-post: 
If we look closely at the development of man's evolvement from his animal stage to the stage of a social being and then an individual, it shows this clear existential direction. Kindly view this blog-post that describes this very empirical stages of development: 

So, the ultimate goal of mankind is to evolve into ideal societies wherein men can turn really independent, free, mutually respecting spiritual beings! Morals and ethics will the hallmark of such societies. They are inherent in Nature itself but it will bless human being only when she/he turns truly free and independent. 

An important 'new physics' on how entities emerge, is hidden in the above organizational plan. To be in existence, one needs to have an 'other' to perceive it/him! Please do not confuse this theory with Bishop Berkely's theory that, nothing exists outside some one's perception. He had a clue to this theory, but he seems not fully explained it. Nature's organizational plan for whatever that exists involved a perceiver's special eye and mind. Without my eyes, sun, in her popular human image, would not have its existence. It is first and foremost formed as an object of man's eyes. It must be some other subjective object in the sense organs and mind of an alien in a different corner of the universe!

Latest Scientific finding, her Quantum theory, very specifically spells out this existential fact. Quantum theory had long ago discarded the 'objective' philosophy of classical science, who believed in the existence of an 'objective' world 'out' there, independent of any observer. But, classical physics is not yet temperamentally ready to fully adopt the said theory, as it takes away the very ground she has been standing for long!

But the evidence presented by the Quantum physicists are very strong; they showed that measuring the velocity of a subatomic particle is almost impossible, ignoring its energy level interaction with the 'observing tool' of man! In other words, events do not happen independently of the observer in cosmos. He is always a partner in every act he observes. Knowledge is impossible outside this 'observer-observed' dichotomy! Means, man's every knowledge is nothing but his collective subjectivity!

Kindly be patient; we shall arrive at it at the end of this deliberation.

Here, both the partners turn new 'beings' in such love relations! Love will stand, without doubt, the most swaying emotion for every human being! 

Consolidation of what has been said above

1) It is not a moral or Almighty God who is behind existence: We have seen that what Existence seeks is to be TANGIBLE and REAL, by having more and more enlightened beings in existence, knowing each other; she is not interested in morals and ethics directly. But when enlightened beings emerge, and when they acquire/share the basic divinity or reverence about the miracle of existence, they always turn moral and ethical. It is the natural state of existence!

2) Existence stands devised by her, using her CREATIVE CHOICES, that is, divided into its 'structure' and 'essence' dimensions Following blog-post is a dedicated one, that explains what is structural and 'essence' realms:

Structural is the physical universe, with its own self-working laws. It was essential for having a kind of 'tangibility'. Living units had been provided with suitable 'sense' organs to perceive this tangible part of existence. This realm has its own self-working laws, perhaps cause-effect ruled. When man and animals are not enlightened, they are not different from who is in the non-conscious structural realm, as explained in following blog-post:

3) Existence is kind of 'indifferent' to morals and ethics, it should be believed ( we have seen evidence of frequent annihilation and emergence of life every moment! ) until man develops into enlightened beings, and acquires 'LIFE' in its real meaning! ( see the following blog:

When man acquires LIFE by being enlightened, sharing the sense of the miracle of existence, he naturally adheres to morals and ethics, as they are in the most natural state of the fact of existence.   

4) For world and individuals to be moral and ethical, what our socio-political institutions MUST remember is to keep every individual FREE and liberated. Like when plants are groomed providing them adequate sunlight, water, and manure, they naturally produce abundantly! The following paper was sent to the father of Indian Metro rail, Dr.E.Shreedharan in 2008 when he and Ratan Tata,India's top industrialist together had initiated a 'VALUE inculcation' drive in the country. He replied this author, appreciating the arguments presented:

In other words, morality and ethics naturally arise within individuals when he is FREE, enjoying civil, political and personal liberties. Man’s collectives must be formed solely and exclusively to ensure the above central goals, and it should not at all for meeting any other purpose. We know that today’s governments of man are NOT formed to meet the above spiritual and metaphysical needs of man, but that of professional men and groups who desire to keep the entire citizens of the country under their control, often enforcing their ideologies and idiosyncrasies upon them! This is the chief threat to the natural evolution of man and mankind into moral and ethical communities!

We have read through a complete philosophy of life, as to what is life in the world, the end purpose of mind and self, what is the difference between the 'structural' and 'essence' realm of existence, and finally, the source of our morals and ethics. 
Comments of enlightened minds are solicited.

Authored by: Abraham J. Palakudy

He is an independent seeker and researcher in the fields of Mind and Reason, philosophy and metaphysics, spirituality, democracy, and polity

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